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Lanarca is a company created by its two directors to provide tailored and responsive services, which are directly driven by the needs of each of our clients.

Benefiting from over five decades of combined experience, each commission delivered by Lanarca is actively led by a director from inception to completion. Our specialist team, working from purpose-converted work space in Nottinghamshire provides flexible, delivery focused services and support for clients across the country. Of greatest importance to us are the relationships which we develop with each client, our understanding of the organisations in which they work and our undertaking to ensure we provide complete support for every commission.

We offer the potential to expand the range of skills in your team – from strategic to administrative, technical to design – and to work with you in applying them to the absolute benefit of each of your projects. Comprehensive interim management services are also provided and we have a proven track record of success in interim roles across a wide range of areas, from economic development and regeneration directorates to commercial divisions, parks and landscape service leadership and organisational leadership roles.

Lanarca brings strength and confidence through sustained director leadership and active project working – to a level unmatched in the marketplace. We achieve this by retaining cost effectiveness, through our intentionally configured low overheads and dedicated support team. We like to work in this way. So we have made it possible for us, by working with clients who demand more – without compromise.